Monthly Archives: February 2015

Inspire me to work hard – Feb 24th

Lord our God,

may the playing

and the watching of sport

remind me

of the qualities I need for living:

developing skills and talents,

appreciating the different skills that others have,

learning to co-operate with others,

being positive,

having respect for others,

being determined and committed,

having a clear goal at which to aim.

Inspire me to work hard

at developing these qualities

in daily life so that each of us – working together –

may help build up your Kingdom.



Published Date: 24th February 2015
Category: Prayer for the week


Power of the Holy Spirit – Feb 17th

Lord, as I offer you

all that is ordinary

and everyday in my life,

I ask you

to give me the power of your Spirit

that I may transform each day

by living with a positive attitude,

looking for the best

in people and situations.

Inspire me to live in your presence every day

so that I may share your outlook

and do the ordinary things of life

in an extraordinary way.

May this, Lord, my prayer today,

rise before you

like the burning of incense.



Published Date: 17th February 2015
Category: Prayer for the week


Give us the vision – Feb 10th

Give us, O Lord, the vision which can see your love

in the world in spite of human failure.

Give us the faith, the trust, and the goodness

in spite of our ignorance and weakness.

Give us the knowledge that we may continue to pray with understanding hearts, and show us what each one of us can do to set forth the coming of the day of universal peace.



Published Date: 10th February 2015
Category: Prayer for the week


Be revitalised – Feb 3rd

Lord, you call us

not to get too set in our ways,

but to be trustful and faithful,

seeing the need

for the on-going process

of being renewed and re-vitalised.

Repeatedly you call each one of us

to be ‘born again’,

to start anew,

to ‘repent’,

to review priorities

and re-orientate

the direction of our lives.

Give us the fullness of your Spirit

that we may live

as you would have us live.



Published Date: 3rd February 2015
Category: Prayer for the week