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Week of Prayer for Christian Unity – 18th January

God Almighty, Who always sympathise with us, we turn to You as individuals and as a community. Please grant ud that we could accept each other more fully, we could sympathise with each other and could heal the sufferings of the world together.

Please make us understand that charity, hospitality and unity are in fact Your will to all humans.

We pray that You grant us peace, and teach us how to build a tolerant world without aggression.

Please grant us the wisdom to be able to differentiate wisely, and to want unity despite all our differences.

We pray that You make our Churches able to be places of openness where everyone can experience tolerance, forgiveness, joy and faith in Jesus.



Published Date: 18th January 2016
Category: Prayer for the week


Good things come to those who wait


Published Date: 18th January 2016
Category: Mary ward sayings