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Daily Archives: February 22, 2016

“Mirth at this time is next to grace. “

In anybody’s life there are moments when they need a smile or a laugh. It sometimes can give bigger cure and support than anything else. We must not be afraid to smile or accept a smile when we are in need. The smallest gesture means a lot to those who need help.

Katalin Málik Attiláné  school secretary

mézes iskola


Published Date: 22nd February 2016
Category: Mary ward sayings


Touch the hearts of us all – February 22


   when things are not going well,

   touch the hearts of all of us,

   that we may see the best in each other.

Alert me

   to different approaches I might take

   and remind me

   to remain positive in attitude,

   treating others with respect.

When things are going well,

   prevent me feeling smug

                                                                                   or better than someone else,

                                                                                   and remind me then

                                                                                 how important it is

                                                                                 for us to work together

                                                                                 and support one another.



Published Date: 22nd February 2016
Category: Prayer for the week