Erzbischöfliches Maria-Ward-Gymnasium Nymphenburg, München – Germany




About us

The Maria Ward Girls’ Grammar School Munich- Nymphenburg is a selective girls’ school with about 890 girls on roll currently. We teach students of the age-group 10-18, grades 5-12. They finish their studies with the final exam “Abitur”, which enables them to study at university.

We are proud to be a single-sex girls’ school, and always keen to promote girl-power. We firmly believe that girls thrive in a nurturing all-girls’ environment, developing self-esteem and the confidence to take on leadership roles. We believe that girls can and do achieve better academically in single-sex schools, due to a very personal approach, which we can ensure since we are still small enough as a secondary school to make certain that all the girls are known to us.

In addition to our regular school-life and a great variety of extra-curricular activities, we offer a day boarding.



The history of our school reflects the adaption to and the sometimes painful impact of times and circumstances, and a firm foundation in faith.

Founded in 1627 by Mary Ward herself, the school was closed down in the years 1809 until 1835 during a period of secularisation. In 1835 the school was re-opened at its present location close to the palace of Nymphenburg and led by the Congregatio Jesu. Although the school authority was handed over to the archdiocese of Munich in 2006, and the management was split between the “grammar school” and the “Realschule”, both schools still feel closely associated to the foundress of the school, Mary Ward, and the Congregatio Jesu.


Specific features

Girls are often modest about their achievements. Knowing that they are accepted the way they are and that they can succeed in many different ways, can help them to feel good about themselves, boosting their self-esteem. So we do not only warmly welcome all our new students and try to make them feel “at home” at our school, we continually take steps to integrate them and promote their taking responsibility for themselves and others. Methods to achieve these aims include:

– All newcomers are welcomed not only in a class ceremony but also by a special mass organised by other students.

– There is a special day for each entry-class, so that students can get to know each other – a first step to a sound class community.

– There are special tutor-lessons for all classes every week.

– Older students, tutors for each class, look after and care for the entry-classes

Our girls are encouraged to take responsibilty right from the beginning in class (class representatives, representatives of year-groups, head-girls), in extra-curricular activities (choir, orchestra, sports-teams, theatre club etc.), in school-life (community days, festivals, project groups), in supporting other students (learning coaches, support for disadvantaged students), in the community (social project work “Compassion”).

Students at the Maria Ward-Gymnasium can and do engage themselves enthusiastically in a great variety of activities according to their interests and abilities. As leaders in all fields, in sport, in classes / year-groups, in mentoring, these girls become positive role models that inspire students of all ages.


Rita Elsner, StDin i. K.