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Name:  Loreto College Curepipe – LCC

Town:  Curepipe

Country:  Mauritius

Loreto College Curepipe  (LCC) is a  private catholic secondary school for girls,  founded in 1887 by the Loreto Sisters.   Since 1976, with free education in Mauritius, the school is fully funded by the Government.

There is a private primary fee-paying school for boys and girls called Loreto Curepipe Junior school as well as a sponsored development  centre called Teresa Ball for girls facing learning difficulties within the same compound.

Loreto College Curepipe caters for about 800 students of all origins, cultures and faith from 11 to 19 years old – Intake  from various social economics background mostly poor to middle class. LCC is a day school starting with the morning assembly during which school information is given and prayer said. The students take part to the Cambridge School Certificate and Cambridge Higher School Certificate.

The education philosophy of our Loreto school is derived from the charism and spirituality of Mary Ward, foundress of the Congregation.  The mission of our school is to enable the fullest personal growth and development of the  students.  It gives priority to the integration of the spiritual , intellectual, moral, physical development of the individual student in a humane school environment.  Our Loreto education seeks to form our young students into a committed person of integrity capable to commit themselves to the building of a better world.

In 2010, the school has engaged itself in a school transformation project. Due to the abolition of ranking at primary level and regionalization as well as the option to give access to students coming from poor families in all catholic colleges as requested by the Bishop Mgr Piat, the change in our school population has been drastic – from high flyers to low ability students.  In order to cater for the needs of our mixed ability students, LCC and the other 6 Loreto colleges in Mauritius have embarked in a Differential Teaching and Learning project.

Since 2013, LCC is one of the 3 pilot colleges to have made a pledge to transform the school into a green school. The Education for Sustainability program (EFS) is in line with the vision of the government to make Mauritius a sustainable island with the project ‘Ile Maurice, Ile Durable’.  Rain harvesting at LCC is already a success.  Formation of teachers and students are done regularly.  A vegetable garden was set up last year. The LCC Go Green club organizes ongoing activities to embellish the school and to create awareness among the school community through video projections, exhibitions and talks.