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Programmes for Spiritual Growth are held often and these are based on the Ignatian practice of Reflection-> Discernment-> Action-> Reflection.

  • The school environment is an enabling one that allows students to grow and develop at their own pace in an atmosphere of care and nurture. The Pastoral Care provided by the Loreto sisters, Parish Priest, Catholic Staff members ensures that staff and students work together in joyful harmony, motivated by the firm belief that they are thus fulfilling their divinely appointed duty.

School Leaders also participate in providing Pastoral Care when ever required, by sensitively  handling of students’ grievances. They address the problems faced by students and parents in a fair and judicious manner and in several cases offer counselling to those who require it. Critical cases however are referred to experts in the field.

The affairs of the Support Staff are looked after by a Supervisor who if she deems it necessary, presents their grievances to the Management for redressal.

The House and prefectural system, with its tiered structure also supports and sustains the growth and development of the student community and enables them to mature into responsible and caring citizens.

  • Spiritual Care is integral to our education system and is imparted to students, teachers and parents through orientation programmes, the First Friday and other celebratory Mass, e.g. Mass for Teachers’ Day, Family Day etc, monthly Peace prayers, daily Assembly etc.

The resident Loreto Sisters act as Chaplains.

  • Liturgical celebration:
  • Holy Spirit Mass
  • First Friday Mass
  • Adoration- monthly
  • Crowning of Our Lady and Rosary
  • Confession, held during Lent and Advent
  • Stations of the Cross during Lent
  • Night Vigil during Lent
  • Visit to places of pilgrimage, e.g. Our Lady of Happy Voyage, Bandel
  • Monthly Peace Prayer
  • Family Day Mass during Advent

 The FACE module—Faith, Academic, Community and Extra-curricular, is used to affirm the universality and abiding relevance of Catholic values. Catholic students also attend Catechism lessons thrice in the week.

  • Justice Works: Loreto Day School, Bowbazar boasts of an active JPIC that efficiently and effectively implements and advocates Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation. They conduct regular health camps with the assistance of doctor-parents, for the entire school community and run free clinics on designated days and even people from the neighbourhood are welcome to avail of the services. The members of JPIC commemorate special days ear-marked by the United Nations such as International Day of the Girl Child, International Day for Older Persons, World Peace Day, World Food Day etc. through reflection and action.

Its daily activities focus on dialogues across differences, peace studies and environmental issues. The use of plastic has been banned on the school campus. Students, may gift a sapling to the school on their birthdays, in lieu of sweets. Awareness drives are carried out through role and Street plays, Bulletin Boards, Debates and Discussions, Power Point presentations, Dance and Music.

In this way we foster the belief that God is manifest in all things and hope that our students in their daily lives will experience that “free and open access to God” of which Mary Ward spoke.

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