We are an international, multicultural Congregation living and working in many different lands and cultures. Should you be traveling around the world, you will find us on all 5 continents in 45 countries. This wide network comprises the Congregatio Jesu, organized into fourteen provinces and three regions, and the IBVM/Loreto Sisters, organized into nine provinces, one region and the community of Southern Africa. Both groups have their administrative centres in Rome – at the Casa Generalizia in Via Nomentana for CJ and Casa Loreto in Via Massaua for IBVM.


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Europe: Albania Gibraltar Italy Ireland Spain England Scotland Wales Germany Austria Hungary Slovakia Czech Republic Ukraine Russia Romania Moldova Africa & Islands: Ghana Kenya Morocco South Africa South Sudan Tanzania Zambia Mauritius Zimbabwe Asia: Bangladesh Timor Leste India Nepal Philippines Korea China Mongolia Israel/Palestine
Australia Australia North America: Canada United States South America: Brazil Chile Argentina Cuba El Salvador Peru


PROVINCES: Here is a list of links to province websites or contact information.

IBVM Loreto
Australia www.loreto.org.au
Canada www.ibvm.ca
Eastern Africa email loreto@wananchi.com
England (United Kingdom)     : www.ibvm.org.uk
India www.loreto.in
Ireland www.loreto.ie
Mauritius email loradmrh@intnet.mu
Peru www.ibvm-maryward.org.pe
South Africa www.loretosisters.org.za
Spain www.ibvm.es
USA www.ibvm.us
Generalate www.ibvm.org


Congregatio Jesu
Allahabad www.cjallahabad.org
Argentina www.cjcraljoven.blogspot.com
Bangalore www.cjblore.org
Brazil emailcjspbrasil@uol.com.br
Chile email seprov@cjchile.cl
Delhi www.cjdelhi.org
England (United Kingdom)    : www.cjengland.org
Hungary www.congjesu.hu
Italy www.congregatiojesu.it
Korea www.maryward.or.kr
MEP www.congregatiojesu.de
Nepal emailcongjesu@gmail.com
Patna www.cjpp.org.in
Rumania email cjprovromania@yahoo.it
Slovakia email provincialatcj@mail.t-com.sk
Spain email congjesus.esp@gmail.com
Zimbabwe www.congregatiojesuzim.org
Generalate www.congregatiojesu.org