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Sacred Heart of Jesus – June 8

june 8

But Peter said: “Man, I do not know what you are talking about”. At that moment while he was still speaking, a cock crew, and the Lord turned and looked straight at Peter … and Peter went outside and wept bitterly.

I had a fairly good relationship with the Lord. I would ask him for things, converse with him, praise him, thank him …

But always I had this uncomfortable feeling that he wanted me to look at him. And I would not. I would talk, but look away when I sensed he was looking at me. I was afraid I should find an accusation there of some unrepented sin. I thought I should find a demand there; there would be something he wanted from me. One day I finally summoned up courage and looked! There was no accusation. There was no demand. The eyes just said: I love you.

And I walked out and, like Peter, I wept.

Anthony De Mello sj

The Gospels tell a story of a man who loved   … who loved in its deepest meaning of bringing life.  We learn of a man who welcomed sinners.  He did not play down their wrongdoing or dismiss it.  He saw it for what it was but looked  beyond the action to the person  …  and he welcomed that person.  We see a man who was not afraid to reach out to those marginalised and rejected by society, rejected by the powerful, the  trendsetters, the ‘righteous’  and the decision makers.   Yes, he was criticised, ridiculed and caused scandal because of this, but he continued to do it.  And so he brought  life to the desperate, to those who had no hope of anything else.  We see a man who dearly longed for all people to know what he knew … the profound love of God.  He longed for all to be in relationship with God as he was, he longed for all to know the intimacy of God’s love for them, just as he did.  And so he went to great lengths to enable this.  And we know that because he loved passionately and intimately, he did not run away from all he proclaimed and lived, even when it became dangerous for him to continue, even when it took him into death … into the heart of God.  So the Church offers us a special day to look into the face of Jesus.  We are invited into his way of love.  We are invited to know it, taste it ourselves.   The sacred heart of Jesus:   a way of love, a way to each other, a way to God.